Family Tree


I’ve had many experience’s with DNA research and digging up those more elusive ancestors.  See what some of my clients had to say:

“Dear Stacey, I cannot tell you how happy mom and I are about the help you have provided in our search for her birth family. At mom’s age of 95 time was of the essence. You jumped right in full force from the beginning.

When we first contacted you we had a name and some stories to relate, but you quickly determined we were headed down the wrong path and set us in the right direction.

You helped us contact possible relatives and have repeatedly explained how each decision you made was reached.

As of today we have actually met two second cousins and hope to confirm mom’s full or ½ niece as soon as the DNA is completed.”

You have done a wonderful job and we know that we would never be here without your help.

Thanks so much, Susan S and Betty (mom)


Hello Stacey, you helped me back in June of 2021. I was trying to find my 2nd Great Grandmother and only had surname of Hoskins.

We met at Starbucks in Longmont and you suggested building a tree with all my Hoskins DNA matches.

I did and I FOUND HER. I put all the DNA matches together and they all lead to ONE couple so I had to find the lady that was in the right place and the right time period and I did.  Her name is Dorcus Hoskins born around 1861.

Thank you Thank you again for helping me out, I greatly appreciate it.

Denise Q.


Stacey did some genealogical research for me on my mother’s side. It was a gift for my mom and her sister. She was able to locate censuses information, passages logs, obituaries, and grave markers.

It was fun to share with my mom and aunt their family tree. Each name spun a story about a cousin, a famous relative and great great aunts. I really appreciated all of Stacey’s diligent work. She really loves to dive in and dig up history.

-Janel R.

"Stacey helped me confirm some of my ancestry and extended it. Then she found all of the documentation that I would need to join the DAR!  (I knew it was a possibility but she found it!) She also taught me how to do some hunting and I found my 3X great grandfather in Nova Scotia.  Thank you Stacey!”

-Karen A

"Stacey has a heart for those of us who are adopted! She helped me find my birth father and his family.  She also found a photo of my birth father when he was 18!  It was unbelievable how much I look like him!”

-Abby H

It is evident that Stacey enjoys the "hunt" in conducting genealogy research. I was amazed at how adept she is in navigating through all kinds of census records and data banks comparing and contrasting them to follow the lineage. It would take me years to find what she did in a matter of hours.  Her many years of expertise really paid off!

-Cris N.

Stacey at FamilyDig has a special gift to help uncover your family history!  She works through all the details to help you understand more than just your ancestors names but their life story. Thank you Stacey!  

- Misty