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Free 60 min consult and $25 hr thereafter.

Want to find your own ancestors, but don't know where to begin?

Here is a little something to help you build your own family tree. I am offering a FREE, 60 minute consultation to help you start digging for your own ancestors. You will begin to learn how to use some of the most valuable tools at both free and pay sites. While at the same time you will be embarking upon your own journey to find those, all absorbing and intriguing ancestors.  Reserve this expedition to dig into the world of genealogy and let me be your guide.

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This package is a comprehensive Dig into the project of your choice. This is my area of expertise, investigating and building family trees with corresponding documents and evidence. Whether you would like me to build your family tree with all of the resources currently available, or identify a missing link in your tree, I am here to help you find whoever you seek. With access to numerous databases and tools, as well as extensive experience using DNA for matching families, I can help you dig deeper into your own family mysteries.

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$160 (5 hours)

This package will start by providing you with the first hour free and then to the usual rate of $40/hr. You will receive a strong foundation to understanding your family tree. I will locate the most accessible information throughout various popular databases to research your ancestors and build a substantial tree. If you would like a solid start to your family lineage, this is a great option for you.  (If I cannot find an ancestor or any valid information within your free hour, you will owe nothing if you decide not to continue.)

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This State by State resource, guides you to general information on how you can learn to search for your own incredible Ancestors.  There are several links to explore for each State and this page provides a library of different databases where you can create your own free family trees.