Family Tree


Harry Wisenborn had a cabin high above Vicksburg.  He was killed in a snow slide and his remains, as well as a part of his cabin were found down at the edge of clear Creek Creek in the Spring.  According to Ed Bradbury, he was buried where they found him as he was badly decomposed, with an arm or a leg missing.  Wisenborn had previously made a pack with a fellow named Hall; that whichever one died first would come back and communicate with the other.  Hall was a spiritualist and a Mine Investor.

Later one night, a rat was caught in a trap outside Hall's cabin and he swore it was Harry Wisenborn trying to contact him.  After this episode, any footstep heard in the night was attributed to Harry Wisenborn, walking outside their cabin.

From the book of stories, as told by early Vicksburg residents.