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How to keep your family stories alive for years to come!

I recently read an old letter to my great great grandmother from her brother.  It was written in 1907, when he was 29 years old! This gave me a small flash of that time period and everything he wrote about was just his everyday life!  I was anxious to read more, as he said he was living in a tent and wished his sister could be there with him.  He also told about how his life was the best it had ever been, because he had just "received a raise to .50 cents an hour" and was able to buy a chicken for dinner.  This excitement to buy a chicken made me pause to think about the real struggles he was going through and gave me a little peek into his reality.  It was a window to the past that made me feel strangely connected.

How many times have you pondered something like: “Where were my ancestors from and what were they really like?  New discoveries in the field of DNA research and the digitization of billions of records has given us some insight into those questions. However, we still want more. We continually crave greater insight into their personalities and thoughts. Our curiosity has been peaked and the more we discover about our own ancestors, the more we want to know.  We have the unique opportunity to pass forward our own experiences to future generations and answer the question; "What were they really like?" Here are some great starts and tips on how to get your own day-to-day life stories recorded and preserved and "Pass It Forward" for generations to come.

Please take advantage of the many and diverse media choices to help you "PASS IT FORWARD"!

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