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Back to Life? Almost

Back to Life? Almost

Have you seen the newest addition/addiction from My Heritage?  It's called "Animate Photos".  I thought the enhancing and then colorizing were amazing for new technology. However, this automation breathes life back into your ancestors!  You can imagine a slice of their life, into who they really were.  Especially, when they tilt their head and move their eyes as if they really see you?  You cannot, not be impressed.  Now, a picture can say a thousand words and even more.

I tried it with one of my Gr Gr Grandfather's photo's (see below).  The results are fascinating and almost a little creepy sometimes.  I also tried it on one of my oldest photos. This several times great grandmother was so vivid and real. It felt like she was telling me she never, ever liked having her picture taken and if she was alive, she would give me a good talking to (In the woodshed)!  (Note: Her animated photo will not be shown here or ever!  I promise! )

At present, this fascinating tool is "free" with a free sign up at

Go check it out. You will have a blast!

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Animate the faces in your family photos with amazing AI technology.

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